Get together with your team or work on the certifications individually. Everyone will need to sign in on their own USAV account, as the online class will track that you checked and read every single page.   To complete your certifications, follow the steps below.

1. Go to

2. Click on the Officials tab on the top 

3. Go to the information pages for Scorer and Referee Requirements


Anyone can view the clinics, however, if you are going to be a certified scorer or referee you must complete the registration for CHRVA administrative fee.  After completing the course, you will be evaluated by officials in order to receive your certification.  As stipulated by CHRVA,  prior to requesting an observation, you must show proof of registration and payment of the CHRVA administrative fee to the evaluation official. No evaluations will be done without proof of payment of the fee. 

What do I need for the 2020/2021 tryouts?

For information on Metro Teams please click here.

FOUR things you NEED to do before walking in the door for tryouts (NO EXCEPTIONS):


1. Determine your Age Division by clicking HERE.  

2. You will need to register in TWO different places:

First, register the athlete for a USAV Membership by clicking HERE.

  • A USAV membership cost very with the age of the athlete.  CHRVA has recommended that everyone registers with a Limited Membership, Junior Tryout-10 day registration, which costs $20 and is non-refundable.  Please be sure a limited 10 day membership begins during the tryout period & you complete the registration for the athlete attending tryouts.  We can not accept memberships with parents names on them or that do not include the tryout date.   This allows your daughter/son to tryout with multiple clubs if she/he desires.  Once your daughter/son has been chosen for a team, you will need to go back into your USAV account and designate which club you will be playing for and also pay the additional  amount for a full membership before she/he can be added to her respective roster.   For questions regarding USAV, please contact our CHRVA region registrar Natasha Claxton at

  • Proof of CHRVA membership with athlete's name, CHRVA number and expiration date must be show at tryouts.  A digital copy may be shown - IMPORTANT: you will not be able to participate in tryouts if you do not have a copy with dates that include the tryout date AND the athlete's name on the membership on hand the day of tryouts.

Second, look below for a full list of teams, tryouts and locations.  Then, click registration button below to register for Metro tryout time(s)  

  • To Register for Tryouts you must have an account with SportsEngine, our website host.  You can create an account by clicking on Log In/Create Account in the upper left hand corner of our website

  • If you would like to tryout for multiple teams, please register for each team's tryout.

  •  $55 for a travel team tryout and/or $40 for East/North/South team tryout.

  • Tryout fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.  

  • Due to COVID-19 tryout times are limited.  If the session says "Out of Stock" it is sold out.

3. Fill out the medical release form and bring it with you to tryouts - click HERE to download.

4. Print and Complete Metro Tryout Waiver Form by clicking HERE.

**Note: Spectators will not be permitted.  Please respect our decision in order to keep our staff and athletes safe.